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Once Upon a Wedding
Weddings on Main Street 

Cassie is not ready to get married; she is however, tired of flying solo at her friend’s weddings. One more bridesmaid dress and she will not have room in her closet, for her own wedding dress. Assuming she finds a prospect, this side of thirty. 

Unfortunately, the one man for whom she felt any spark has a nasty habit of bringing dates to their friend’s weddings. 
Luckily, Cassie's best friend, Thad - a bona-fide Greek God - is always up for being her plus one. Only,Cassie is a little gun shy after an awkward moment with Thad, where things got hotter than they should, for their friendship.

​When she realizes that she and Dan will be at another wedding together, she decides to attend solo and give fate one last chance to intervene – before she moves on.


My desire to write books, more than anything, comes from a desire to make people feel the way books have always made me feel. My favorites are the ones that touch my heart, whether it soars with joy and happiness or breaks with the frailty of life and love. For these reasons I write about love, heartache, and all of the moments in between. Come feel with me...

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Writers often have multiple personalities, which we call pen names, mostly because it sounds better. 

With that in mind, I  write steamier bits as Jocelyn Bell.

You can find her stories, Facebook page and Twitter represented on this website & my blog, as well. Enjoy!