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What if...this Christmas
ISBN - 9781311659736

Katie and Chris have come a long way in their relationship. After nearly two years of dating it seems logical to take things to the next level. The only problem -  everyone seems to have a different opinion on what the next level should be. No view more deeply divided, than that of Katie and Chris themselves. This Christmas could be the first of many or the last of too few together. 


My desire to write books, more than anything, comes from a desire to make people feel the way books have always made me feel. My favorites are the ones that touch my heart, whether it soars with joy and happiness or breaks with the frailty of life and love. For these reasons I write about love, heartache and all of the moments in between. Come feel with me...

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Writers often have multiple personalities, which we call pen names, mostly because it sounds better. 

With that in mind, I  write steamier bits as Jocelyn Bell.

You can find her stories, Facebook page and Twitter represented on this website & my blog, as well. Enjoy!

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Thanks to the support of readers for the Christmas Boxed Set, we are all working on a summer set that will blow you away! Check back here or with the AoMS blog for details soon!